Mercedes Carrerra

Most people know Mercedes for her work in the adult industry. Having started in 2014, she made a huge impact in the industry quickly, and by 2015 was already a multiple award nominated performer. Mercedes also used her burgeoning popularity by starting the first porn-funded STEM Scholarship fund by creating a new organization entitled The Porn Charity.

Having grown up in a family with a legacy of military service, Mercedes turned her attention to veteran's issues in 2015. She then created the first contest ever open to male veterans of the US Armed Forces to be her personal date down the aisle at the Adult Video New Awards in 2016. Sgt. Berg stole the show and Mercedes' resolve to continue bringing awareness to veterans issues was further solidified.

In 2017, Mercedes and her team discussed the possibility of creating a new adult content site. After some contemplation, and taking into account the numerous heartfelt and genuine correspondences she received daily from members of the US military, she and her team thought up a wonderful idea: "What if we can create opportunities for veterans to enter the adult industry and also fulfill many of their desires to star in their very own porn film?" And it doesn't hurt that, as Mercedes says, "There's nothing sexier than a hot man in a uniform!"

Thus, Operation M.I.L.F was born.

OPERATION M.I.L.F. (Military I Like to Fuck)

Types of Sex Scenes

The military men chosen will be asked to perform in one of the following scenes: conventional boy/girl (bg), boy/boy/girl (bbg), blow/gang bangs (gb), double-penetration (dp), POV, blowjobs (bj) and more.

These shoots will vary by scene, location and male number of talent selected used per scene. Shoots will be with me, Mercedes Carrera as serving/performing as female talent. Male talent must be comfortable with performing in front of a (small) film/camera crew.  The shoots will be fairly low key/low pressure sets however certain production sets may require several film crew as well as security.  Talent is not required to look like fitness model or be hung like porn stars, just have a decent cock that works and an interest in fucking (me) on camera. #Winning

There may be opportunity to obscure your identity should it be necessary.


The first shoots will take place in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. My intention is to hit Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Florida this summer and do a national tour eventually.

Remuneration for Performance

This is NOT a paid shoot, this may be considered in part an audition for those of you that desire to break into the industry, if, you perform well. Otherwise, this is simply an opportunity for you to fuck me should you be selected.

Responsibilities & Requirements

As talent you WILL be responsible for your travel (getting yourself to the shoot location) and an industry standard STD test (which is NOT provided by the VA unfortunately.) The cost is approximately $165.00. Talent must have a test not older than five (5) days.


Thank you again for your service to our great nation! 🇺🇸
— Mercedes